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Padded Envelopes

Redmont Packaging offer a range of bubble lined envelopes ideal for mailing a variety of items large and small.  Our standard range is the Mail Lite bubble lined postal bag, it is available in either white or gold, they are one of the most popular bags available in the UK.  The Mail Lite standard bag is ideal for high volume users.

We are also able to offer the Mail Lite Oyster bubble lined postal bag, this bag is manufactured from strong kraft paper to add extra protection for heavy or fragile objects, they are tear and puncture resistant. 

Mail Tuff is a poly range of padded bag.  They are bubble lined with high slip bubble film for easy packing. Completely water proof, puncture and tear resistant. They have tough white opaque polythene outer. Good surface for easy label adhesion or to write on with a pen.

Mail Lite Bubble lined bags are a lightweight economical packaging solution that provide tear, puncture and impact protection along with strong, tamper proof, self-seal closures.

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