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Bubble Wrap

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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is available in either small or large bubbles. It is flexible and lightweight, ideal for void fill and cushion protection. Bubble wrap absorbs shock and vibration so our bubble wrap rolls are ideal for use on fragile or valuable objects that need protecting in the post. We have rolls of bubble wrap or singular bubble packaging bags available. We have a range of bubble wrap packaging available from Redmont so you're bound to find a product which suits all your requirements. Used for protecting in transit, storage and for filling the gap in boxes so the item doesn't move in the shipping process (void fill).

Our rolls of bubble wrap are available in either large or small and have a range of different sizes within each with the smallest being 500mm x 3M and the largest being 1200mm x 50M. Along with our bubble wrap rolls, we have self-seal bubble bags in a range of different colours and sizes. Contact the Redmont Packaging team to order and we can help supply you with products that will prevent damage to your items in the post.

Benefits of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an amazing invention that has many great benefits. It is lightweight and can be used to protect fragile items from moisture, dust, and impact. Bubble wrap also provides excellent insulation against temperature changes, making it great for shipping goods that need to stay at consistent temperatures. Additionally, bubble wrap is flexible and easy to store when not in use, making it a great product for businesses that need to ship items frequently. Bubble wrap offers numerous advantages for businesses and individuals alike, making it one of the most popular packing materials around.

What is Bubble Wrap Packaging used for?

Bubble wrap packaging is a versatile and reliable form of protective wrapping that is used to protect items during transportation and storage. It is composed of two layers of polyethylene film which are separated by small air bubbles that cushion and protect the item inside. Bubble wrap packaging comes in a variety of sizes, so it can be used to wrap almost any size item, from small electronics to large furniture. It is also lightweight, making it easy to store and transport. This type of packaging is often used for fragile items to reduce the risk of damage during shipping or storage. Its ability to provide cushioning makes it an ideal choice for fragile items like glassware and antiques that need extra protection during transit. Bubble wrap packaging is also highly affordable and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for businesses who need to package their goods for delivery or shipment.

Buy Bubble Wrap in Bulk from Redmont

When it comes to packing up fragile items for shipping, there is nothing better than bubble wrap. Not only does it provide a great cushion for whatever item that you are trying to protect, but it also looks nice and professional when used. For those looking to buy bubble wrap in bulk, Redmont offers wholesale prices on all our packaging products. We've got large rolls of bubble wrap available, making it easy to store and quickly deploy when needed. If you buy in bulk, the price of each individual bubble wrap roll will be cheaper, so you'll be getting an amazing deal. Whether you are packing up something small or large, buying bubble wrap in bulk is an excellent way to make sure your valuable items are packed safely and securely every time.

Eco-friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative - Activawrap

Activawrap is a fantastic eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative that provides superior protection for your items while being much more sustainable than traditional bubble wrap. This innovative product is completely plastic-free whilst being able to interlock with itself, making it both durable and environmentally friendly. Activawrap is also extremely lightweight and flexible, allowing you to easily wrap and store even the most delicate items with ease. It also has excellent cushioning properties, providing superior protection for your goods during transport or storage. Furthermore, Activawrap can be reused multiple times which further reduces its environmental impact. All in all, Activawrap is an excellent eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative that offers great protection for your goods while still taking steps to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Range of Bubble Mailing Bags Available

Bubble mailing bags are a great way to send items safely and securely. They offer a lightweight, yet strong layer of protection for items such as books, documents, CDs, DVDs and other fragile items. The bags are made from polyethylene and feature an air-filled cushioning interior that provides excellent shock absorption. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find one to fit your specific item or items. There is a huge range of bubble mailing bags available on our website, from small padded envelopes to anti-static ones for electronics. All bubble mailers come with a peel-and-seal closure / adhesive strips for added security.