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Packaging Tape

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Packaging Tape

Here in our Packaging Tape Department, you will find a comprehensive range of Packing Tape for Parcels to suit a variety of customer requirements. Our range includes Glass Reinforced, Masking, Easy Tear, Standard, Premium, Tesa Warning and 3M scotch tape. If you are looking for something stronger we are able to supply Duct and Reinforced Tape. Redmont is also able to offer printed tape. Our in-house packaging tape specialist is always ready to help with any questions or recommendations.

Our packing tape is ideal when you want to secure your parcel or box for postage, storage or moving. We have a wide range of packing tape to use, our high-quality tape is used by so many of our customers who want to protect the contents of their parcel effectively. Our packing tape is strong and durable which is why it's such a popular product.

What is Packaging Tape?

Packaging tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape specifically designed for sealing, wrapping, and securing parcels and boxes for storage or shipment. It is typically made from an array of materials, including polypropylene, PVC, and paper, each offering unique properties. Polypropylene tapes are known for their flexibility and strength, PVC tapes boast durability and noise-reduction qualities, and paper tapes are lauded for their eco-friendliness and recyclability.

The adhesive used in packaging tape is crucial to it’s functionality. There are mainly three types: acrylic, hot melt, and natural rubber. Acrylic adhesive tapes perform well in a wide range of temperatures and have a longer shelf life, making them ideal for long-term storage. Hot melt tapes offer strong, immediate adhesion and are suitable for heavy-duty packaging. Whereas natural rubber tapes provide the best adherence to different surfaces, including recycled and dusty boxes.

The packaging tape can be either clear or coloured, and is available in a range of widths, lengths, and thicknesses, catering to diverse packaging needs.

Benefits of Packaging Tape

Here at Redmont, our packaging tape offers several benefits. This tape is designed to securely seal containers, boxes, and other packaging to prevent tampering and ensure the safety of the contents during transit and storage. Printed tape is indeed suitable for a wide range of applications, from lightweight envelopes to heavy-duty shipping boxes.

The packaging tape can be applied quickly and efficiently with a tape dispenser, speeding up the packaging process. Our packaging tape is also an eco-friendly solution for securing packages, especially when purchased in bulk.

What is Packaging Tape Used for?

Packaging tape is primarily used for securing and sealing boxes and packages for shipping or storage, but it’s applications extend well beyond just packing. In the shipping industry, it’s essential to seal boxes and cartons to ensure safe transit. This tape plays a significant role in moving and storage, where it is used extensively for packaging personal belongings and office equipment in both household and commercial settings. Additionally, packaging tape offers a practical solution for temporary repairs, such as sealing gaps or reinforcing damaged packaging, showcasing it's versatility and utility in many situations.

Interested in our packing & parcel tape? Contact one of the team here at Redmont and we'll be happy to assist with any questions you may have.