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Glossy & Plain Envelopes

Here at Redmont Packaging, we are delighted to offer envelopes to our product range. We are able to supply a large range of sizes, styles, and colours ranging from glossy to plain envelopes and mailers.

Envelopes aren’t just for delivering your message or item; it’s a statement of your style, attention to detail, and professionalism. This is where glossy and plain envelopes come into play, offering you the choice to tailor your mailing experience to precisely fit the occasion, message, or branding you wish to convey.

What are Glossy Envelopes?

Our glossy envelopes have a shiny, reflective surface that immediately catches the eye. The glossiness is because of a special coating applied to the paper, which gives it a smooth texture. 

These envelopes are often used for invitations, marketing materials, and any mailing where a strong, visual impact is wanted. They're especially popular in the event planning industry, for weddings, galas, and corporate events, where first impressions count. 

What are the Benefits of Glossy Envelopes

The reflective surface can improve the colours and designs printed on the envelope, making images and text more vibrant and attractive. Glossy envelopes can also be more durable, offering some resistance to water and dirt.

What are Plain Envelopes?

Plain envelopes traditionally have a matte finish with no additional coating, giving them a natural, understated look. They are available in a wide range of colours and textures, including recycled materials. 

These envelopes are versatile and can be used for everyday mailing needs, including personal letters, business correspondence, and bills. Their simplicity and professionalism make them a standard choice for most formal communications. 

What are the Benefits of Plain Envelopes?

One of the main advantages of plain envelopes is that they are easier to write on than glossy ones, making them more suitable for addressing by hand or with a printer. They are also more cost-effective and can be recycled more easily, appealing to environmentally conscious users. 

Envelopes from Redmont Packaging

Our business envelopes are available in three sizes C4, C5, and DL each offers secure closures for your documents; they are supplied in box quantities with or without a window.

The board-backed envelopes are a very popular range offering the customer ideal protection for documents, photographs, and drawings. These are available in white, manila, red, and black. Within this range, we are able to supply Corrugated Board Envelopes which add cushioning to the protection.

Our metallic range of bubble bag envelopes is always popular, which offers 9 different colours in matt or metallic with 7 sizes. They are fantastic for special mailings, dispatching promotional products or even for just a bit of fun.

The most recent range of envelopes is the ‘Clariana’ envelope, which is available in 20 stunning colours, and they give a vibrant feel to your mailings.

The mailers and envelopes we supply are perfect for shipping any item, whether you want to make your delivery memorable with bright glossy envelopes or if you want to keep it simple with our plain envelopes – we’ve got you covered.

Our mailing bags are also now available for purchase and come in an array of different colours, which are: pink, violet, blue, orange, cream, purple, red, silver, yellow, gold and green. These bright mailers are simply stunning!

Redmont is constantly adding to our range with new and exciting products – we hope you like them!